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Great Deals on American-made Cars for the 4th of July

Amid the 4th of July fireworks and celebrations, car dealerships are offering eye-catching deals on new cars, with deep discounts and low-rate financing. While the local airwaves are awash in red, white, and blue commercials encouraging you to hurry in (“These deal won’t last!”), we cut through the hype to identify the best deals on American-made small cars, sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.


To ensure these picks are good cars, as with all our Best New Car Deals, each meets Consumer Reports’ criteria to be recommended. These vehicles scored well in our testing, have average or better reliability in our latest subscriber survey, and performed well in government or insurance-industry safety tests, if evaluated.


Each vehicle highlighted below offers at least a 10-percent discount off the retail price in national incentives, available through either July 4th or the 8th depending on manufacturer. Others may also carry regional incentives, enabling further savings for informed negotiators.


We focused the list on just those models that are made in the United States, regardless of brand. The models spotlighted standout as having a tempting combination of overall road test score and significant discount. We also mention other vehicles that likewise are both Recommended and attractively priced.


When buying in the summer, it is important to know that a 2013 model will soon be considered a one-year-old car, despite being relatively fresh off the showroom floor. This means the car will take an initial (admittedly painful) depreciation hit. However, the equity impact will balance out over time, should you hold on to the car for several years, and especially if you log more than 12,000 miles a year.


As is often the case, several models that made the cut will be updated or replaced with an all-new model. It pays to understand what is coming down the road, as it may impact your decision to by the last of a generation or empower your negotiations.


Small cars: Chevrolet Cruze LS


A sharp, competent small sedan, the Ohio-built Chevrolet Cruze feels solid and substantial, handles competently, and has a taut, steady, and controlled ride. The well-finished cabin is spacious up front but cramped in the rear. Noise levels are moderate, which is fairly good for this class. The base model’s 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine provides just average acceleration.Fuel economy is so-so for a small sedan. Higher trims get a quieter and more responsive turbocharged four-cylinder that gets the same fuel economy as the base engine. The Eco version’s overall fuel mileage improves by only one mpg, and consequently isn’t worth the upgrade.

Make & model Expires MSRP  Invoice price Customer rebate Dealer incentive Potential savings below MSRP
Chevrolet Cruze 1LT 7/4 $20,465 $19,679 Yes No $2,590

Other patriotic small car deals: Acura ILX (Greensburg, Indiana) and Chevrolet Sonic (Orion Township, Michigan).


Sedans: Acura TL


Built in Marysville, Ohio, the Acura TL is a responsive, well-dressed upscale sedan. The price climbs quickly as optional content is added. We’re seeing the best deal with the base model. It features a slick, punchy 3.5-liter V6, teamed with a six-speed automatic. That combination returns a good 24 mpg overall, but the car requires premium fuel. We found the handling taut and the ride compliant and firm, with good isolation from bumps. The front seats are well shaped and supportive, but the rear seat is tight. The well-finished interior is cluttered with buttons, even when not equipped with the optional navigation system. An AWD model with a 3.7-liter V6 and tauter suspension is also available. The TL has strong reliability record, and we predict this model will be better than average.

Make & model Expires MSRP Invoice price Customer rebate Dealer incentive Potential savings below MSRP
Acura TL 7/8 $36,800 $34,607 No Yes $2,220


Another patriotic sedan deal: Kia Optima (West Point, Georgia).


SUVs: Chevrolet Traverse


The large, three-row Chevrolet Traverse is a civilized alternative to a truck-based SUV and right now, it is also an attractive deal. Built in Lansing, Michigan, the Traverse is a mechanical sibling to the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia, another model notably discounted for the holiday. The Traverse has been recently freshened, with improvements to the transmission, ride, and interior quality. In our tests, the smooth-and-refined 3.6-liter V6 returned 16 mpg overall. Handling is relatively agile and secure, and the ride is taut yet comfortable and steady. Reliability has been average.

Make & model Expires MSRP Invoice price Customer rebate Dealer incentive Potential savings below MSRP
 Chevrolet Traverse 7/4 $36,585 $34,799 Yes No $2,570

Other patriotic SUV deals: Chevrolet Equinox (Spring Hill, Tennessee); Chevrolet Suburban (Arlington, Texas); Dodge Durango (Detroit, Michigan); GMC Acadia (Lansing, Michigan); Yukon XL (Arlington, Texas); Honda Pilot (Lincoln, Alabama); Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 (Detroit, Michigan); and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (Normal, Illinois).


Pickup trucks: Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab


The outgoing Silverado and its GMC Sierra twin are well-rounded pickups with an available full-time four-wheel-drive system and generous payload capacity. Ride quality is decent with the Z85 suspension, and handling is secure. High-end models have very good interior fit and finish, and all variants have simple controls. The crew cab is roomy, with easy access. A six-speed automatic slightly improves fuel economy and acceleration with the tested 5.3-liter V8. These Indiana-built trucks are being replaced by an all-new design, now arriving at dealerships. The outgoing trucks hold up well against the competition, although the replacements promise better fuel economy and more premium features. Negotiate and great deals can be had.

Make & model Expires MSRP Invoice price Customer rebate Dealer incentive Potential savings below MSRP
 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 7/4 $39,930 $37,150 Yes No $3,668

Other patriotic deals on 4×4 trucks: Ford F-150 (Dearborn, Michigan, and Claycomo, Missouri); GMC Sierra 1500 (Fort Wayne, Indiana); and Ram 1500 (Warren, Michigan).


To research these vehicles further, or to find the latest trim-level pricing on any model, visit the Consumer Reports car model pages (available to online subscribers).


To ease the buying process, Consumer Reports offers a Build & Buy Program to subscribers. For Build & Buy, a nationwide network of over 6,000 participating dealers have agreed to pass along discounts provided by any applicable manufacturer incentives for the vehicle you’re buying. This includes unadvertised manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, for which it’s typically up to the dealer whether to keep the savings or pass them on to the customer. Last month the average estimated savings off MSRP was $2,675.


See all current Best Deals or use our New Car Selector to create your own list of vehicles by sorting and filtering by the factors that matter most to you.

—Jeff Bartlett




2013′s Best Used SUV’s

New vehicles with untouched powertrains, mint interiors and intact warranties can be easy purchases. Used vehicles? It’s a whole other process, one that’s more confusing altogether, with variables of mileage, reliability, quality, and satisfaction all coming into play.  No matter what data they have in hand, or reviews they’ve read, many new-car buyers go with their gut and their emotions when they buy a used vehicle. Choices center heavily on price and vehicle type, maybe even more so than with a new-vehicle purchase.  We think there’s other helpful information that should come into play when you’re shopping for a used vehicle–and that’s why we’re putting together a series of guides to help you narrow down the field of used cars, trucks, crossovers and minivans to a smaller set of best-in-class bets.  We’ve arrived at these groups of vehicles by comparing three sets of data. To make our Best Used lists, a vehicle must score:


At least an 8.0 rating on The Car Connection‘s full reviews from three years ago–in this case, the 2011 model year At least four circles on J.D. Power‘s predicted-dependability rankings, or at least average reliability on Consumer ReportsAt least four stars overall from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or a Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).


In this list, we’ve examined the field of sport-utility vehicles–including crossovers–and come up with 18 of the best used SUVs on the road today, with the bottom line from our 2011 review:


2011 Acura MDX

With a few notable flaws in styling and features, the 2011 Acura MDX still impresses us with its friendly handling and gutsy power.


2011 Audi Q5

The 2011 Audi Q5 is one of the best upscale picks in a compact crossover, thanks to its sleek lines, practical interior, responsive feel, and city-savvy size.


2011 Cadillac Escalade

The 2011 Cadillac Escalade delivers solid, luxurious, and spacious accommodations with an advanced feature set. If you can live with the thirst of non-Hybrid models, it’s unbeatable.


2011 Cadillac SRX

The 2011 SRX has the comfort and refinement luxury crossovers expect—plus a little Cadillac attitude.


2011 Chevrolet Equinox

If you don’t need a third row, the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox is just right for small families; it’s refined, secure, and versatile, and gets very impressive fuel economy in four-cylinder form.


2011 Chevrolet Traverse

2011 Chevrolet TraverseThe 2011 Chevrolet Traverse isn’t fun to drive, but it’s one of the best large crossover wagons for transporting the family comfortably and safely.


2011 Dodge Durango

The 2011 Dodge Durango is the anti-crossover, especially with the HEMI and R/T trim, and if the world still sanctioned big SUVs for small families, the Durango would be elbowing its way to driveways everywhere.


2011 Ford Edge

Provided you don’t need a third-row seat, the 2011 Ford Edge is at last, at the leading edge of mid-size crossovers, with one of the best driver interfaces in the business.


2011 GMC Terrain

The 2011 GMC Terrain looks bold and edgy on the outside, but it’s a softy inside, with a comfortable, refined cabin and excellent fuel economy.


2011 Hyundai Tucson

Much better than its predecessor, the 2011 Hyundai Tucson needs a touch more power and steering feel to top carlike utes like the Nissan Rogue.


2011 Kia Sportage

Kia hits game reset, and gives the 2011 Sportage an appealing new look and feel.


2011 Lincoln MKT

The swinging style sets an audacious mood—and the 2011 Lincoln MKT backs it up with turbo V-6 thrust.


2011 Lincoln MKX

You won’t need any excuses to say you’ve chosen the 2011 Lincoln MKX; it delivers on the promise of the brand: top-notch American luxury, with some of the best luxury and tech features wrapped in.


2011 Mazda CX-9

The 2011 Mazda CX-9 can carry seven in comfort, but it loves curves more than almost any other roomy crossover.


2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK

The 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class has the rugged look U.S. shoppers want, in a sensibly sized package. We only wish it were a little more fuel-efficient.


2011 Subaru Forester

The roomy, versatile 2011 Subaru Forester handles better than just about any other small crossover, though the need for a more modern transmission and a little more cabin refinement keep it from greatness.


2011 Toyota 4Runner

If off-road capability is a top requirement, the brawny 2011 Toyota 4Runner is a good choice—with surprisingly good road manners to boot.


2011 Volvo XC60

The 2011 Volvo XC60 offers top in-car tech and luxury features, in a secure package that’s big enough for small families.


And all of these vehicles would look great with tinted windows by Midwest Glass Tinters.  Call today for more information or to book an appointment. 847-452-4818.





October’s Best Car Deals

Like many of us, if you’ve held off on purchasing a new car, October may be the time to get a great deal.  October has some of the best new car deals we’ve seen all year, and deals are available on all brands.  In addition, dealer incentives from September have rolled into October, and with the model year-end approaching, dealers may be even more inclined to negotiate.


According to, transaction prices have dropped for the 4th straight month this year, and this trend for 2011 autos is expected to continue through the end of the year.


Here are some of the best deals on 2011 models in October according to US News:


Mazda CX-7 — 0% financing for up to 60  months AND  $500 back

Honda Fit — 0.9% financing for 24-36  months

Hyundai Elantra — 1.9% financing for up to 236 months in most regions

Buick Regal — 0% financing for up to 60 months OR $1,000 cash back

GMC Sierra — 0% financing for up to 60 months AND $1,000 APR cash OR $4,505 cash back

Chevrolet Traverse — 0% financing for  up to 60 months AND $1,000 APR cash OR $2,000 back

Nissan Maxima – 0% financing for 36 months; 0.9% financing for 60  months; 1.9% financing for 72 months OR $3,000 cash back


So if you’re thinking about buying a new auto, October is definitely a good time to do it.