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Porsche Again Leads the Way in U.S. Driver Preference


The Porsche brand, for the ninth straight year, led J.D. Power and Associates‘ annual survey of vehicles drivers find most pleasing to own and drive, while the Land Rover Range Rover crossover was the top individual vehicle in the survey.


Luxury brands claimed the top 10 spots of Power’s 2013 U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout study, which was released Wednesday by the global marketing information firm. Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Toyota’s Lexus followed Porsche, which like Audi is a unit of Volkswagen AG.


General Motors’ Cadillac brand, which finished seventh, was the highest ranking U.S. brand. Lincoln, a division of Ford Motor Co, came in ninth.


The influential survey asks more than 83,000 drivers to rate the experience of owning and driving a vehicle during the first 90 days after they bought or leased it. The responses were gathered between February and May, 2013.


Ram, Chrysler LLC’s truck division, was the highest-rated non-luxury brand.


The Land Rover Range Rover was the top scoring vehicle in the entire survey, based on 77 different attributes which measure how satisfied drivers are with their vehicle. This year is the first time a large premium car didn’t claim the survey’s top spot.


Volkswagen AG had the most segment winners with five vehicles from all its brands receiving high marks. Chevrolet had the highest number of segment award winners for any brand with three — Avalanche, Sonic and Volt.


Daimler AG’s Smart unit was the lowest-ranked brand in the survey. Toyota, Jeep, Subaru and Mitsubishi were also in the bottom five.




2012′s Safest Small Cars

With increased automaker emphasis on safety and stricter seatbelt laws, auto accidents are at an all-time low.   However, fatal crashes still occur — at a national rate of one every 16 minutes according to 2010 statistics.


Trying to find a vehicle that is safe, fuel efficient and works for your lifestyle is always a challenge.  When considering a smaller vehicle, keep in mind that all things being equal, smaller vehicles, due to their lighter weight will usually tend to do worse in a crash than heavier vehicles; so it’s important to really research the safety rating of a small vehicle before buying one.


Fortunately, Forbes.com has provided us with an overview of the 10 Top Safety picks for 2012 in the small car category according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  To qualify, a car must get top scores in front, side, rollover and rear-end crashes, so it’s not easy to earn the top spot.  Following are 10 that did:


Audi A3

Buick Verano

Chevy Cruze

Chevy Sonic

Chevy Volt

Lexus CT 200h

Mazda 3

Scion tC

Subaru Impreza

Toyota Prius


Along the lines of safety, keep in mind that auto glass tint can even further protect your car in case of a crash.  Window film applied to your auto will hold shattered shards of glass together so they won’t injure  you or your passengers.  Auto tint also protects you and your passengers from over exposure to the sun’s rays, and helps keep your car safe from thieves.  For more information go to www.midwestglasstinters.net







2012′s Small Cars

“Small cars being produced today are far more exciting, fun to drive and fuel-efficient,” according to Rick Wainschel, VP of Automotive Insights at AutoTrader.  In the past, Americans shunned small cars as being cheap and lacking in features, but not any more. 

Here are some of the 2012 small cars sparking consumer interest:


Chevy Sonic – The Sonic is Chevy’s lowest priced car and is a sportier, better-looking replacement for the Aveo.  Reviewers praised it as fun to drive and a worthy competitor to the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit. 

The Sonic is also a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and has the distinction of being the only subcompact made in the USA under an agreement with the United Auto Workers.   The base model starts at $13,735 and goes up to $18,495 for the top-end version.



Hyundai Veloster – The Veloster features two well-received attributes — eye-popping styling and high mileage.  Reviewers loved its quirky exterior design and comfortable upscale-appearing interior.  Although styled as a coupe, it has a third door on the passenger side for access to the back seat.  The only seemingly downside is that test drivers feel that there’s too much emphasis on high MPG, and that takes away from a peppy, fun-to-drive experience. 

The Veloster starts at $17,300.



Fiat 500 – Fiat, which now owns the majority of Chrysler, has brought in its popular 500 from Europe and is distributing it through some well-established Chrysler dealerships.  Reviewers found it fun to look at and fun to drive — especially around curvy back roads.  There is occasional bumpiness along with road noise with interstate driving, making the 500 a better choice for shorter-distance driving.  

It’s a Top Safety Pick of Insurance Institute for Highway Driving, and starts at $15,500 for the “Pop”.  Other models include the “Sport” starting at $17,500 and the “Lounge” starting at $19,500.



Volkswagen Beetle – The 2012 redesign gave the classic its first new look since 1998.  With a flatter top and a longer hood, plus a wider, lower and longer body, the 2012 VW targets mal buyers.  Previously, Beetle buyers were 60% women.  In another bid for male buyers, the 2012 VW upped the horsepower with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine.  Male reviewers praised the increased acceleration as well as the power and handling.  

The new Beetle starts at $18,995 for the base model and goes up to $23,395  for the turbo version.



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