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Most Common Causes for Auto Accidents

During the holidays, people are in a hurry to get to parties, go shopping, or visit friends and relatives and often aren’t focused on their driving.   Because auto accidents account for some of the highest accidental deaths in America, the reality is that paying attention while driving is even more important during the holidays.  As a refresher for all of us, following are theTop 5 Causes of Auto Accidents from and how you can avoid them:


Distracted Drivers – Putting on make up, talking on cell phones, eating, shaving or attempting to read the morning paper while driving all cause distracted drivers; and distracted drivers are dangerous drivers.  I know I’ve been guilty of a few of these, so just a reminder to myself and anyone reading this — put your make up on, eat, shave and read the paper before you leave the house.  If you’re using a cell phone, use a wireless Bluetooth device or speaker phone so your hands are on the wheel and your focus is on the road.


Drunk Driving – With abundant holiday parties, the incidence of alcohol-impaired drivers increases exponentially making the roads that much more dangerous.  Obviously it’s best to either abstain from drinking all together or have a designated driver for holiday driving.  If you’re going to drink, be sure to know your limit and drink responsibly so not only are you driving safely, you’ll also be aware of drivers who may not be.


Aggressive Drivers – No matter what your hurry may be, it’s not worth risking your life or the lives of passengers or other drivers.  Driving aggressively is a frequent cause of accidents, injuries and even death.  Use common sense this holiday season —  allow yourself enough time to get where you’re going, drive at a safe speed and keep a safe distance between vehicles.


Road Rage – Angry drivers are dangerous drivers.  Road rage can easily be avoided by a quick change of attitude.  While our first instinct may be to get mad and get even with someone who cuts in front of us, taking a deep breath will put your focus back on the road rather than on the incident. 


Regular Car Maintenance – Brake lines and drums, engines, tires, power steering, etc., can cause unexpected accidents.  Before going on an kind of a long trip, be sure to have routine maintenance done to you car including brake inspections.  Routine maintenance will improve gas mileage and reduce the risk of accidents.


Above all, be sure to be awake, alert and focused while driving this holiday season. 


Happy Thanksgiving.