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Ace Your Next Test Drive


Buyers and dealers know a test drive can be the most crucial element in the car buying process.


But some sellers are counting on your not mastering some of the crucial techniques buyers need to maximize the test-drive experience and get everything they need from the “thinking of buying it” ride.


Rolling to the rescue is Edmunds.com which is out with some reminders for car and truck buyers on getting the most from a test-drive.


It’s all about checking much-needed decision-based items off your vehicle shopping list.


“Every car shopper should feel empowered to own their test drive and make sure that they focus on all of the factors that are most important to them,” says Philip Reed, consumer advice editor at the online auto expert. “If the car doesn’t look, feel or sound right in any way, then it’s OK to trust your gut and walk away. The small red flags you find early on could become big waving banners down the road.”


“It’s a little like trying on clothes,” Reed says. “People come in different sizes and shapes, and they have different tastes in what they want. The little things that you spot now could be major annoyances later, so don’t discount any of your reactions.”


That process starts before you get in the car, he says. Go into the experience with your eyes open, especially before you put the keys into the ignition. Here are some of the item on Reed’s text-drive checklist:


  • Is it easy to get in and out of the new car without stooping or banging your head?
  • Does your body type match the pedal positions? If not, are the pedals adjustable?
  • Is the seat comfortable? Is it easily adjustable? Is there a lumbar support adjustment?
  • Is there enough room for your head, hips and legs? Remember to sit in the backseat to test it too.
  • Are the gauges and controls easy to read and use?
  • How is the visibility? Check the rearview mirror and side mirrors and look for potential blind spots.
  • Check the trunk space and cargo area. Is the vehicle easy to load? Is there a pass-through in the trunk opening for long items?
  • When you do hit the open road, avoid taking phone calls and keep the radio off — the test-drive demands your undivided attention. Pay particular attention to the car engine. Is it running smoothly? Do you hear pings or knocks? If so, those are deal-breakers.


Drive the car or truck like you would if you owned it. If you have a long commute to work, take your test drive out on the highway. If you want a tough, durable truck, take it up a hill or, better yet, a mountain to check out how the vehicle handles the added burden.


Also, focus on the vehicle’s main features. How do the brakes feel? How long does it take to go from zero to 50 miles per hour? Is the dashboard clean, useful and elegant? What’s the gas mileage like?


Mastering the new vehicle test drive is half art, half science. Take the tips above with you to the drive and you can vastly increase your odds of buyingthe car or truck you’ll love over the






Car-Buying Tips — 2 Must Do’s & 4 Things to Avoid


In all probability, most people you know own a car, and most of them could share their car-buying experience and advice with you.  Additionally, there’s almost unlimited amounts of buyer tips on the internet, but following is some interesting insight from an ex-dealership manager, including 2 must-do’s and 4 things to avoid:




1)  Know what you want.  Check dealer sites for features and price quotes, then use online resources such a Edmunds.com to compare models based on what makes more sense to you and your lifestyle.  Things like capacity, gas mileage, safety rating, acceleration, mileage, emissions, etc., should all be considered in your decision.


2)  Do Your Pricing Research.  Whether you’re shopping for a new or used car, be sure to know the following information and have it with you when you go to a dealership:


A)  The list price of the car you want

B)  Your Credit Score

C)  The lowest financing rate you can get from the bank

D)  How long you will need the car (financing vs. lease)

E)  The trade-in value of your old car ( the Kelly Blue Book is a good resource – www.kbb.com)





1) Don’t buy accessories or service plans from the dealership when signing your contract.  It will just add to the financing cost.


2) Don’t buy this year’s model toward the end of the year when the next year’s models are being released. Your car will immediately lose value.


3)  Shop toward the end of the month or quarter when dealers may be more willing to negotiate with you to hit their target sales.


4)  Never give a written commitment until you see all the numbers in the contract that you’ll sign.

The more informed you are about what you want, the less likely you’ll be to have buyer’s remorse. 


READ MORE: http://www.squiddo.com/car-buyer-tips 



October’s Best Car Deals

Like many of us, if you’ve held off on purchasing a new car, October may be the time to get a great deal.  October has some of the best new car deals we’ve seen all year, and deals are available on all brands.  In addition, dealer incentives from September have rolled into October, and with the model year-end approaching, dealers may be even more inclined to negotiate.


According to TrueCar.com, transaction prices have dropped for the 4th straight month this year, and this trend for 2011 autos is expected to continue through the end of the year.


Here are some of the best deals on 2011 models in October according to US News:


Mazda CX-7 — 0% financing for up to 60  months AND  $500 back

Honda Fit — 0.9% financing for 24-36  months

Hyundai Elantra — 1.9% financing for up to 236 months in most regions

Buick Regal — 0% financing for up to 60 months OR $1,000 cash back

GMC Sierra — 0% financing for up to 60 months AND $1,000 APR cash OR $4,505 cash back

Chevrolet Traverse — 0% financing for  up to 60 months AND $1,000 APR cash OR $2,000 back

Nissan Maxima – 0% financing for 36 months; 0.9% financing for 60  months; 1.9% financing for 72 months OR $3,000 cash back


So if you’re thinking about buying a new auto, October is definitely a good time to do it.


READ MORE:  http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/Best-Car-Deals/