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Subaru Outback – 2014 Consumer Reports People’s Pick




As Consumer Reports prepares to release its 2014 Autos Spotlight, which includes our highly anticipated Top Picks, we asked our Facebook followers to tell us what’s the best car on the market in the U.S. today.


From the followers’ initial submissions, we asked people to “vote” on the six most popular models*: Ford Mustang, Hyundai Sonata, Subaru Outback, Toyota Camry*, Toyota Prius, and Toyota RAV4.* All have been considered good, safe, reliable models, earning the distinction of a Consumer Reports recommendation. From these, the Subaru Outback won, garnering a quarter of the votes.


Subaru Outback: 25 percent

The genre-bending Outback wagon stood out amid a crowd of popular models. Reading through the comments, it is clear that the Outback’s esteem is elevated by owners like Amy, who wrote, “I love my Outback! The best car I have ever owned.”


In our tests, the Outback has earned a solid overall test score, but there are several higher-rated wagons. The key to its appeal is the rare blend of adventurous styling, frugal fuel economy (for the four-cylinder), generous interior space, and winter-ready features.


Ford Mustang: 22 percent

Celebrating 50 years as a motoring icon, the Mustang is the only American-branded model to make the list. The current car remains at the apex of an impressive performance legacy, staying true to the original concept. One commenter noted, “That’s no contest. Make mine a Mustang!”


With prices beginning under $23,000, the Mustang starts with 305 horsepower and climbs seemingly to the stratosphere with 662 hp. Available as a coupe or convertible, the Mustang can be configured to suit many personalities and budgets, remaining engaging and entertaining throughout its product line. Look for a redesigned Mustang in late 2014.


Toyota Camry: 17 percent

A perennial hot-selling sedan, the Camry is roomy, quiet, refined, fuel efficient, and reliable, earning it a high rank among our ratings, and placing it in high-esteem among drivers. As Chris wrote on our wall, “All great choices, but my pick is the Camry.” The same can be said in the marketplace, which is currently crowded with smart choices in the segment and yet routinely sees the Camry as the most popular.


Toyota Prius: 17 percent

Even after all these years on the market, the Prius remains a revolutionary car, and its recognition as such is clear. The key is that the Prius is no one-trick pony. As Al points out about his Prius, “Best car I have ever owned—fuel efficient and reliable.” Fuel economy is excellent at 44 mpg overall and 55 mpg on the highway in our tests. And despite its hybrid complexity, the Prius remains one of the most reliable cars in our annual survey. Plus, for a small car, it is relatively roomy, with a large back seat and good cargo space. Yes, there is much to like, especially at today’s gas prices.


Hyundai Sonata: 10 percent

That this curvaceous sedan made the cut is further proof that Hyundai has risen to be tough mainstream competitor. No question: the Sonata delivers a lot for the money. Its 200-hp four-cylinder engine is smooth and responsive, yet delivers an impressive 27 mpg overall. Good handling, a supple ride, and comfortable seats are other pluses. (We’d suggest skipping the hybrid version, which didn’t score as well in our tests and returns relatively mediocre fuel economy for a hybrid.)


Toyota RAV4: 10 percent

A popular choice among the vibrant small SUV contenders, the Toyota RAV4 stood out to our Facebook followers. As we have seen in recent surveys, small SUVs represent a sweet spot in the marketplace that small car owners aspire to and larger vehicle owners are looking to downsize to. While it created this car-based, soft-roader category in the last century, we feel there are better alternatives today.

The people have had their say. Soon it will be our turn.


Consumer Reports will release its 2014 Top Picks at 12:45 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 25.. Until then, share your thoughts on our Facebook wall and name your dream car. Our staff will be doing the same. See you there!

Jeff Bartlett


The only caveat here is the Toyota RAV4, which had its recommendation revoked after a recent poor performance in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s small-overlap crash test. The Camry also briefly lost its recommendation for the same reason, although modifications to the 2014.5 Camry returned this popular sedan to favor.



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2013′s Most Researched New and Used Cars


As we’re about to close the door on 2013 and ring in 2014, we decided to take a look back at which vehicles were the most popular on our site. We checked out new and used models subscribers were researching on for the last year based on visits to our info-rich model pages.


Every day potential car buyers look to our independent test scores and reliability survey results to aid their research and help determine the best vehicle to buy for their needs.  We looked at visits to our vehicle model overview pages from Jan. 1 through Dec. 15, 2013, to compile this list of the top 10 most popular new and used cars.


So, what are car buyers looking for? SUVs and sedans are heavily researched among subscribers in new and used categories. All the top new car models listed are from Asian brands and do well in our tests; we often see that our subscribers gravitate toward vehicles that tend to populate our myriad “best” lists. The Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester were quite close in the new car list, with a clear advantage over the third-place Honda Accord. This follows what we have seen in our surveys, that there is much movement in purchase intent toward small SUVs from car owners moving up and down in size. What may be surprising to some is that there are no pickup trucks (the most popular vehicle type) on either list.


Similar models comprise the used-car list. The close race in this group is the near statistical ties between the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Another key difference is the BMW 3 Series being the lone European model to find such favor, and the only luxury model in the used list.


From our lists below, presented in rank order, click on the model names to visit their model pages and learn why they are drawing so much attention.


Most popular new cars:

Honda CR-V
Subaru Forester
Honda Accord
Toyota Highlander
Toyota RAV4
Toyota Camry
Subaru Outback
Subaru Impreza
Lexus RX
Hyundai Sonata


Most popular used cars:

Honda Accord
Toyota RAV4
Honda CR-V
Honda Civic
Toyota Camry
Toyota Highlander
Subaru Forester
BMW 3 Series
Honda Pilot
Toyota Corolla







Vehicles Most Often Stolen

Sometimes being the most popular brand of auto isn’t as desirable as it might seem.  For example, to thieves the most popular car brand in the U.S. continues to be Honda. Honda’s 1994 Accord came in first again among cars stolen in 2011, as it has for the past several years, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau rankings.  A close second, was the 1998 Honda Civic.


Older model cars are more desirable to thieves, in many cases, because newer models have more anti-theft options including keys with embedded chips and tracking technologies.  Additionally, older model parts are always in demand.


Rounding out the list of the 2011 top ten most coveted cars by thieves are:



If you own one of these models, you may want to consider adding an anti-theft device. Tinted windows can also act as a deterrent to thieves.   If you you want to give your car a sleek new look, while lowering your risk of theft, give us a call at Midwest Glass Tinters of Deer Park — 847-438-1133 — and we’ll tint your ride.




Cars the Wealthy Drive

As we mentioned in a previous post, Midwest Glass Tinters of Deer Park has the opportunity to tint some really high-end cars.  We recently tinted a Fiskar Karma, which is a beautiful vehicle, and obviously one that only a select group of wealthy drivers will ever have an opportunity to own.


Aside from Karmas, though, what other vehicles are the wealthy driving?  CNBC recently answered that question based on research done by  While some vehicles, like BMW and Mercedes, were expected, others were somewhat surprising.  Following is a list of the top 10 cars the wealthy in the U.S. are driving:




1.  Mercedes-Benz E-Class – A runaway favorite, the $51,365 E-Class was a top hit in wealthy U.S. cities.


2.  BMW 328i - The $35,795 BMW 328i is also a top pick for discriminating drivers in the U.S.


3.  At $36,095, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes in third, particularly in zip codes where residents earn an average income of $659,000.


4.  In fourth position, is the Lexus RX Luxury SUV at $39,950, a big hit in wealthy areas where the average income is $633,000 a year.


5.  Interestingly, the eco-friendly Toyota Prius is one of the most popular cars in three very affluent zip codes where residents’ average income is $672,000 a year.


6.  Coming in sixth place is the Volkswagen Jetta at $26,085.  Despite the fact that residents in the communities where the Jetta is most popular make an average of $782,000 a year, this low-profile, reliable vehicle is a big hit.


7.  In Manhattan’s 10274 zip code, despite the high incomes of residents, many are more than happy to drive the $23,070 Honda Accord, which is one of the most popular cars among Manhattan’s drivers.


8.  The BMW X5 luxury SUV comes in 8th in popularity among wealthy drivers in the U.S.  At $58,595, it’s one of the most popular vehicles in areas where the average income of $5,711,000.


9.  The $25,535 Toyota Camry  has long been Americans’ reasonably-priced mid-size car of choice, even in high income areas such as downtown Chicago, where drivers tend to drive non-luxury vehicles like the Camry, Honda, Volkswagen and Jeep.


10.  Rounding out the top ten is the $29,575 Honda CRV, which is not only one of the most popular cars among the wealthy in Manhattan; it’s driven by working class and middle class Manhattan residents as well.


If you’re driving one of these vehicles, you’re certainly in good company, and if you get your vehicle’s windows tinted by Midwest Glass Tinters of Deer Park, you’ll be even cooler.






The Best-Selling Cars of 2011

For the first time in a long time, this year has seen a surge in the purchase of domestic vehicles with 6 of the top 10 best-selling vehicles made by GM, Ford & Chrysler.  Some of the shift can be attributed to the natural disasters in Japan affecting  imports, but with domestic producers having really stepped up their game, that void was filled by American-made vehicles.


Surprisingly, two past favorites – the Honda Civic and Honda CR-V as well as the Hyundai Sonata dropped from the top 10, nudged by more popular American-made vehicles.  According to, Ford’s F-Series pickups and GM’s Chevy Silverado continue to be America’s sales champs, as they have been for the past 3 years.  Pushing their way to the top are the Ford Fusion and Escape and the new compact from Chevy – the Cruze.  


Based on year-to-date results through October, 2011, following is the list of best-selling vehicles from

  1. Ford F-150 Pickup
  2. Chevy Silverado Pickup
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Nissan Altima
  5. Ford Escape
  6. Ford Fusion
  7. Honda Accord
  8. Toyota Corolla
  9. Chevy Cruze
  10. Ram Pickup




With new models launching, it will be interesting to see what 2012′s best-sellers will be.