July 2012
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A Camaro with a Split Personality


No, you’re not seeing things; that’s an actual two-sided 1968 Camaro. This extraordinary muscle car was the brain child of the manager of the State Farm Vehicle Facility in Bloomington, IL, and was constructed over a period of 3.5 years as an agent training tool and for ads for Classic Car Insurance Policies.


The universe of Classic Cars runs the gamut from cars not worth their weight in scrap metal to multi-million dollar autos.  Insuring one of these vehicles is a very involved process and often starts with a guess about the car’s value; and the car’s value can be very subjective.  About four years ago when State Farm agents noticed a growing demand for Classic Car policies, State Farm decided to take it upon itself to explain the nuances of classic cars to its agents, and the idea was born.

The construction, done by four State Farm builders, began with the discovery of a 1968 Camaro among thousands of totaled cars.  The car looked great from a distance, but once you were up close, it was “far from good”, according to Tom Hollenstain, the Research Administrator for State Farm’s Bloomington facility.  The driver’s side of the Camaro was completely restored back to it’s original factory state, while the passenger side was restored with sloppy body filler, odd-sized wheels and massive brakes.


Even the engine is split — one side has an aluminum head while the other side has cast-iron.  State Farm’s builders carefully melded the middle of the hood, grille and paint with that from a Camaro SS and kept the line razor-sharp through the car.   The split-personality car does move, but not well, thanks to mismatched brakes.



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