October 2011
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Amazing Hot Used Car Deals

If you’ve ever wanted to own a high-end car but didn’t have the cash, you may still be in luck.   Popular Mechanics recently published its list of Hot Used Car deals.  While this list isn’t for people looking for practical or economical used cars, it provides food for thought for high-end car enthusiasts:



Ferrari 308/328

1975 to 1989

Price Range: $20,000 to $40,000


If you’ve caught yourself envying drivers cruising by in a Ferrari, this may be your chance to join their ranks.  Despite some drawbacks like bad ergonomics and high repair costs, you’ll still get to say “I have a Ferrari”, and you can feel like Magnum PI.



Porsche 944

1983 to 1991

Price Range:
 $4000 to $12,000

Even though it’s a front-engined Porsche that shares components with some Audis , it’s still a Porsche.  Road-hugging and speedy enough to get  you into trouble, the 944 is also reliable and could definitely give the 911 a run for its money.



Mazda Miata

1990 to 1997

Price Range: $1000 to $7000

Imagine a 1960s Lotus designed by the same people who brought you reliable modern electronics, this car is the playful promise of every British sports car ever made—actually fulfilled.


BMW 3 Series

1984 to 1991

Price Range: $2000 to $15,000

Incredible reliable and durable, the 3 series is good at everything, from long trips to grocery runs.  But its true magic lies in making you look cool.


Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan (STS)

1992 to 1997

Price Range: $2500 to $7000

It’s big, fast and powered by overhead-cam Northstar V8. With an interior like an overstuffed couch, its front-wheel drive can take on that challenging winter weather.



Jaguar XJR


1995 to 1997

Price Range:
 $4500 to $10,000

Appointed with wood and buttery leather, you’ll feel wealthy just sitting in this amazing vehicle.  Not to mention the incredible fun you’ll have driving it.



Mercedes-Benz E-Class


1986 to 1995

Price Range: $1500 to $10,000

The first Benz to introduce the chiseled, taut body and managing to appeal to the upper class and the countercuture alike, it feels like it was carved from a solid metal slab.



Volvo 240 Sedan


1982 to 1993

Price Range: $1500 to $6000

It’s stodgy and cool all at the same time .  With legendary safety, this is a great car not only for city driving but also for road trips (ee our article on Great Fall Road Trips).




So if you’d like to own a really cool ride as well as a piece of history, one of these may be the vehicle for you.  And be sure to call us to tint your new ride (847) 438-1133.




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